Re programming programmable esc's

Decided to try and use my DYS 30 A programmable V2 ESC’s and put them on a quad as opposed to the hexi frame.

The motors are sunny sky x3108-15’s kv900. Also been having problems with the TGY iA6c . will bind to the TX but when connected to the FC I get a warning red flash from the EVolution TX. Not sure what is going on here . CAn anyone explain and suggest solutions for both these problems .


What problem are you having with your ESC as I don’t think you have said that. Best if you can record a quick video showing your problem and how everything is connected so we can help.

For the reciever problem, cjeck it is connected properly and that the settings are correct in the FC software.

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Thanks for that . I’m going to use the 4 bheli ESC i’ve bought off you to do a quad instead . hexacop-ters a bit bulky anyhow . Only using a Go Pro so quad will probably be enough.

If problem continues with that I will make a video . Ive used the Matek set up with VTX. Don’t need RTH really . Going to keep it simple .

Yeah good idea to.keep things simple to start with :slight_smile:

Keep us updated with your progress and if you have any other issues :+1:

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