Motor splutters when I add throttle

Hi ppl any advice on this subject needed I built my first quad lumenier qav x 210 I have got to the final stages of the setup and configuration but i did a test run in my garden and when I apply throttle the motors have a splutter problem it seems to be one motor but not 100% sure,I checked for clearance on the mounting screws and it was fine on all 4 motors I’m using emax rs2205 2300kv with littlebee pro 20A, naze32 fc and matek PDB with built in BEC, any suggestions.

Have u calibrated the ESCs on Blheli suite?

No I just did the accelerometer calibration on clean flight.

I manages to sort it out through clean flight it was a bad setup for the minimum command and minimum throttle

cool glad i could help LOL, might still be worth you calibrating the ESCs its not a hard job you can do it on the BL heli software

Thought I had got rid of it but it’s back lol had the first proper flight today and it’s still there and was also thinking would it effect my picture from the vtx as it’s breaking up a lot in short ranges

Has ur picture always been crap? I can’t see the motors and ESCs interfering

Download blheli suite and follow this video to calibrate you ESCs ESC Calibration in BLHeli - YouTube

The picture has got better but not a problem just thought might have to do with interference from the motors some how and I have tried blheli suite and watched a lot of videos on how to calibrate but had no luck and the problem got better but then got worse but I’ll try it again and let you know how I get on cheers for your help

I can’t seem to get it to work I’ve tried configuring and calibrating but it just seems to get worse

Also when I have done the calibration all the motors are in sync and spin smoothly but when I arm it that’s when I get the problem only through my taranis I have checked all the solder joints and everything is good.

SOLVED. I had to sort mount my FC with some rubber o rings because there was vibrations causing the problem