Racing drone battery pads ripped out, bypass?

I have a 280 racing drone that lost a leg in flight and when it bounced the battery ripped all of the soldier out of the battery pads from the frame (its an integrated frame with built in fc and escs on board) I was wondering if it was possible to jumper a positive and negative wire to an esc, that would allow me to connect a battery by bypassing the ripped out battery pads. Recommendations on resoldiering accepted as well, I gave it a shot but there was nothing left to get the solider to attach to on the pad any more.

Sounds good so far… Please provide a picture of the Frame so we can have a closer look.
(Just in case)

That would work, but the potential issue with you approach is that depending on what motors you are using, the bypass connection may not be able to provide enough current. Best if you can send us a photo to compare. Otherwise if the ESC solder points are similar in size to the battery one that was ripped out then it should be fine

here is a pic of the pads after attempted repair.

this is the pad, the first picture shows the positive and negative wires to the esc that I want to jumper to.

The ESC wires don’t look very think and may not take the full load of the lipo.

Can you get a picture of the ESC Pads?

:smile: you should ask for a refund

Good point actually… @Archie did you buy your quad as a pre-built kit? If so do you have a link so we can check?