Rabbit 239 NX no pre arm chime

Diatone Rabbit gives the startup chime then one chime but no pre arm chime.
Sometimes it gives the prearm chime and most of the time it doesn’t.
If I play with my throttle and switches it gives the pre arm chime most of the time eventually.
Sometimes I unplug it plug it back in play with my throttle reset my timers it used to give the prearm chime when I would reset my timer most of the time. Now that seems to not be doing the trick .
So the problem still exists . Does anyone have any advice or solutions?
Recap: pre arm chime works sometimes.
If I play with my throttle and reset my timer it usually gives the pre arm chime that I can arm & then works. But not all the time.
I tryed calibrating my sticks. I have my min throttle set to 1010 & max throttle at 1990 .
Suggestions and solutions will be greatly appreciated.

make sure your throttle is below 1000 in betaflight in receiver tab.


Yeah it does sound like that, but another thing could be that your quad is not level enough during takeoff.

This articles covers some of the most common pre-arming problems and how to solve them:

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Thanks for such a quick response.
so my throttle is supposed to be below 1000in betaflight ? wow I didn’t know that . I will read the article as soon as I get home from work thank you so much that’s probably exactly the problem cuz I have my men throttle at 1010.

When you say below 1,000 can you give an example of the number ? Like say 999 or 998 or something like 995 ?

I found the solution : You were correct about checking to see if I was on a level surface . The answer to my problem was actually sitting the quad copter down on the ground.
So if it won’t arm make sure it’s on level ground. If accelerometer seams off during flight power cycle quad on level ground.

I also found :
My recever board was making contact with the VTX pins and causing the issue. I noticed after taking it out that some of the shrink tubing didn’t cover some of the pins. They were basically shorting out . After I wrapped it properly my quad copter gives the ready to arm chime immediately after powering on. Thanks for all the help and articles suggested.
This is a great site !!!

Thank you unmannedtech 1 . The exact problem was I was holding my quad when arming . I if I put it on the ground the pree arm chime goes off immediately!!!
Thanks again your awesome!!! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

while we all like to help and im glad you found the problem. you didnt say in OP that you were holding it while trying to arm( which is a bad idea anyhow)

I didn’t think it relavant . I’ve seen plenty of videos of people doing it.
Anyhow I appreciate the help the respondent who helped was dead on .

No problem just to let you know you can set max arm angle in betarflight. i assume yours is set to 25 degrees. Its a good idea to set to 180 degrees, can help sometimes if stuck in trees.

Okay thank you. I had put it to 60 degrees. Now that I think about it that’s not enough.
So 180 degrees ?
I would have to set that up in the modes tab in betaflight? And do I have to put it on a switch or is there stick inputs?

nope its on the config tab, better to arm on switch

Right I remember seeing that modes I think.
I’ll check when I’m home THANKS

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