QX95 Motor sequence?

Dear All

I am building a QX95 drone - can anyone tell me if the motor numbering sequence (when looking from above and reading left to right) follows the standard drone layout of 4,2,3,1?

Many thanks.

Your motor numbers will depend on which controller you are using and it’s associated software.

For example, LibrePilot uses different motor number sequence compared to Betaflight/cleanflight

Hi Rickolas

Thank you very much indeed for your prompt reply. I am going to use an F3 Evo brushless V.2.0 running under Betaflight. Any light you can shed would be really helpful.



This is the usual motor order for betaflight, along with motor orientation

Fantastic Alex - thanks very much indeed. I thought that this was the correct orientation but with such a small board and micro-soldering involved I wanted to be sure.

What Alex said :slight_smile:

I was going to reply with this article, it may help with orientation an setup in betaflight

Hi Rickolas

Thanks very much indeed for the link. This was what I used to build my first quad - still flying well! I wasn’t sure if the brushless setup was going to be radically different but it looks as though it isn’t. I have a good deal of info now to push ahead with the build. Thanks to both you and Alex for all the help that you have given.

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