Betaflight 4.3 Question on Custom Build

Hi eveyone, I’m using betaflight to control my custom drone build with 3.2 inch props. The flight controller I’m using is a Speedybee F405 V3 with the 50 A ESC. The motors I’m using are the Speedybee 2306.5 1800 KV motor. The transmitter I’m using is a Flysky FS-i6X with the IA6B receiver.

My build is about 13.25 inches wide and mainly comprised of carbon fiber and aluminum. The arms of the drone are meant to fold with the hinges on top.

The issue I’ve been experiencing is that my drone hasn’t been flying and when armed the bottom left motor spins at a much faster rpm than the others based on how much air it blows out. I’m not sure if this inconsistency is the reason as to why my drone isn’t flying so please let me know if it is. I attached an image of it below.

Thats a cool looking frame.

For the motors spinning issue this can be normal as when you Arm the quad, the pid loops are actovated, and if its not perfectly level (or imu not calibrated) it some motors will spin faster.

Best way to make sure its not a hardware issue is to use betaflight GIU and go to the motors tab and test this way. Please see