QX90 Flight Modes Setup

HI Received my QX90 today. I seem to be having an issue just when I plug in the battery the motors start spinning straight away. I managed to bind the flysky i6 ok but for some reason now this is issue is happening. Is there a chance there are some factory reset settings. I did plug it into my pc to check the settings on cleanflight but it all seems ok with the limited knowledge I have. I have been on it for hours tonight but getting no luck please can you help me out on this?

Sorry to hear about the problems with this. It might be best to check the flight modes tab in cleanflight and set the arm to work on one of the switches. I usually use the 3 position SWC , all the way up is disarmed, when it is in middle it is armed and in horizon mode, and all the way down it is in acro mode.

I prefer using a switch to arm/disarm as then I know for sure it is armed. If you need any help setting up the flight modes let me know and I can do it on my PC and send you some screenshots.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting back to me. I would appreciate it if you could send me some screen shots for the switch settings yes. I actually got it working late last night and flashed it with beta flight which did help me figure a few things out. It is flipping to one side now on take off but I think that it just needs calibrating. A setup guide for us noobs would be a great addition for you to add with purchases even if it’s a quick YT video to follow :thumbsup:

I am currently working on a full setup video for the QX90 as you are not thee only one asking questions about this but other things are contstantly getting in the way of me being able to finish the video!

However for now here is how I setup the flight modes on mine

Depending on how you setup your switched on your radio the channel might be aux1 or aux2, but this screen shows real time updates as you move it so you will know if its working correctly or not.

Also after you save its a good idea to disconnect the quadcopter and reconnect to make sure the settings save correctly as from time to time I find that it does not save my flight modes.

Also for now you might want to read our getting started guide for the falcon 180, its a different quad, but it shares the same flysky i6 radio and I talk about getting it all setup there.