QX65 binding to FLYSKY remote

Hello to all flyers…
I bought for my son the qx65 but can’t bind it to the remote :frowning:
the box of the QX65 drone suggest that it fits for the Frsky and not to FLYSKY
I have the FLYSKY i6 and tried to do binding but nothing happened.
I also tried to config the drone qx65 to the FLYSKY with the betaflight software
anyone know what can I do to bind it?
Apricate your help

due to the small size of drone you will probably be better of getting a Frsky transmitter or a multi protocol transmitter that binds to the receiver, there a 2 protocols for frsky you need to know which is in your drone.

Thank you very much for your advice, can you elaborate about the different protocols?

ACCESS or ACCST sorry for late reply, Ive still an old X9D running ACCST so not upto speed with ACCESS