Frsky QX7 Access not binding with Beta 85 HD. Help!

I am new to the hobby and am trying to figure out how to bind my Frsky QX7 Access to my Beta 85 HD drone. It seems like I choose the wrong transmitter because no one have uploaded a video on youtube talking about this issue. what should i do? is buy the external XJT is my only option here??

Does the 85 HD have a standalone receiver, or is it integrated? The XJT module seems to fix the issue, but in reality, it doesn’t work either lol. You would be better off with an IRX4 module, that one actually works with integrated receivers.

If its an xm+/R-xsr, it would work with the ACCESS Taranis no problem.

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its say in the description: The receiver of Beta85X FPV is Frsky FCC XM+ but no luck binding it yet

and just to make sure the IRX4 is this one:

You don’t need the IRX with an XM+. Just make the qx7 bind in ACCST mode.

I am on ACCST D16 mode but its not binding. Maybe because of my ISRM v2.1.0 I am trying to downgrade to v1.1.3

it worked i managed to downgrade the ISRM to 1.1.3v and it binded i think. I got a solid green light however I am pushing the throttle but nothing is happening. Am i missing something here? lol

The receiver still needs setup in betaflight. There are multiple great guides on that, but I can write up a short list of the stuff you need to do:

In the ports tab, enable the SerialRX slider, and nothing else on UART1 (assuming that the receiver is connected to the SBUS pad) and save it

Then in the configuration tab, head down to the receiver section. There, set it to Serial Provided and in the dropdown under that, set it to SBUS. Save it

You should now be able to see the bars move in the receiver tab. The order of the channels might not be correct, and that can be easily fixed by changing around the order of the AETR1234 (or something similar to that) in the channel order box until it matches. I would either try TAER1234, RETA1234, (or if it wasn’t AETR1234 before, try that too). These are the most common, and will most of the time work

Depending on if you already mixed the switches in onto their respective channels, you can then head down to the modes tab, where you assign Arming to any switch you want. That is used to “activate” the quadcopter.

And with that, it should be ready for a maiden test hover or whatever you feel like.

(This is a very simple summary of the whole setup, if you search a little, Joshua Bardwell, and probably tons more of youtubers will have awesome guides on the setup process)

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