Questions for my DJI S900 setup

Hello fellow flyers!

I am setting up at the moment a DJI S900 for photo shooting and professional use. Here’s the material for the setup:

DJI S900
ZenMuse GH4

I have a Futaba radio T14SG. I want to fly during 15 minutes and I own a 6S Lipo 12 000 Mah battery, do you think I can reach this flight time with that battery? Seems a quite short, doesn’t it?

To fly as safely as possible, because I heard about some bugs on the DJI A2, I thought of equipping my aircraft with a rescue parachute system. I have two system in mind: DJi dropsafe, and rescue kit for DJI S900 from Opale Paramodels. Are there any flyers here who use this kind of product and who could share his experience, to help me to make a choice or to tell me if it worth the value or not.


Hi Ricky,
You would be lucky to get 15 mins with those batteries. I have a GH4 with 16kmh and only get 10 mins. You could go for a 22kmHa battery and see how you go.
For the drop safe, I believe you have to be very high when the engine fails in order to be able to open the chute.
Hope that helps, Matt.

Yes thank you Matt, it helps, asking to other experienced members, it confirms what you’re saying about the battery, and was advised a few times to think about 22Mah battery. For the parachute system, I am more into the Opale Paramodels system, which is pretty light, and seemed to be more experienced for that product than DJI.

I finally decided to order a rescue kit for DJI S900 from Opale Paramodels to install it on my S900. Good package with all the necessary things to assemble it, the installing is easy, parachute, once unfolded feels great quality. Here are some pictures of it:

Edit: Fail upload!

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