New parachute kit for Inspire 1

Was checking my mail and read the Opale Paramodels newsletter: it was introducing then brand new parachute kit for DJI Inspire 1 that I found interesting. Its price seems correct (199€) compared to there systems for the same brands that are a lot more expensive! Then it seems easy to mount and use: the parachute is triggered by a servomotor connected to a receiver or PPM autonomous module. Seems to be a product that worth a look for Inspire owners.

Here’s the video attached:

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Definitely a nice and affordable parachute solution so thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Do you know any specs about the minimum deployable altitude?

In the manual available here:

It’s indicated that it is efficient at 8 metrs high, in the FAQ section, but i think a little bit more if you have to do it manually!