Need a paracute rescue system for my phantom

Hello, I need your help guys, I bought a phantom 4 a couple of monts ago, and I am scared to crash it, those things cost some money and I’d like to save it from dammages, so I’ve been thinking to buy a parachute rescue system but the thing is that most of those are quite expensive. Besides I don’t want a system with pyrotechnics or explosive decoils system because they are quite dangerous and not easy to reuse. So last week I discovered at late night when I was watching videos on youtube, an interesting rescue system for drones with a spring system to deploy the parachute. Well the price seems really nice when you think that it mades of carbon and the parachute is included. According to the video andd their website it seems to be easy to reuse and reliable for this low price. So here is a videolink for you guys and I would like to have your thoughts on that which will help me to take a decision.

Just buy a cheap 210 x frame and learn on that 200.00 verses 900.00 it wont hurt as bad when you crash…

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