Quad flips if i punch out slighty

Hi there i have an x220s I’ve managed to get the quad to hover fine but whdn i punch out slightly it flips over to the right. What is the most likely cause for this?

Could be down to a number of things, props, motors, ESCs of FC, very difficult to tell have you got any more info?

It’s hard to explain. Everything seems to work just fine when hovering but as soon as i give it a small punch it flips over to right constantly. I think the fc is ok. Would it be more likely down to a bad motor than the 4in1esc ?.
The motors don’t seem to struggle in betaflight. I swapped out the motor from the corner that drops but that hasn’t solved the problem.

The best way to done the issue would be to get a black box log of the flight, of you can share one here one of us could take a look for you.

That said, given that it’s always to one side would probably suggest it’s an issue with the ESC/motor and not a vibration issue. So the first thing to check is to ensure all your ESC settings are the same (via blheli passthrough). Also I inspect/listen to each motor on the bench to see if you can hear if one of them sound different.

Do you have spare ESC’s, even if u have only 2, you can wire them in and by-pass the 2 on the side that falls on the 4in1, this will tell you if there is an individual ESC issue, search YouTube, it has been done already. Saves the expense of replacing the whole 4in1 so you can rule this out.