QLB 260mm Build

This is a build in progress waiting for parts, and will update as build progress
All parts are weight with accurate 200g x 0.001g scale

Frame weight is 149grams
Arms are 4mm, all edges are broke/chamfer
Brotherhobby R5 2306 2650KV
4 motors all in weight 125.33grams
(ESC) 4 DALRC BS25A BLHeli_S Damped Mode Oneshot,DShot,Mulitshot capable
SP Racing F3 Cleanflight V3 flight Controller, reflashed with Betaflight.
Matek Systems (PDB) LED& Power Hub 5&1 V3
All electronics Waterproof coated With Silicone Conformal Coating
FlySkY I-6 with Range Modifications, Added 2 8dBi IPEX to Rp-SMA cables with 2 Antennas

Looking good, just gotta get some rest wire mesh guard to go with the motors :slight_smile:

Have you decided on what battery abd props you going to use.as on 4s you might need 30A ESC depending on props

Higher Amp ESC does not equal a Better Performance ESC… These ESC’s outperform 30Amp ESC hands down

Agreed, but I was just talking about the current draw on the motors could exceed the limits on your ESC depending what props and battery you use, that’s all.

Yes your right, and I’m going to have to keep an eye on everything too…I’m going to limit full throttle to bursts at first

I like the 3 bladed Dal-prop 5045c, and first test flight will be with 3s 1600 for now…still researching a 4s battery