QAV 250 build and lights on but no rotors spinning

Hi, I’m a total newbie to drone build and have had a very good go at a QAV 250. I’m sure I’ve got all the soldering good and the wee wires in the right holes on CC3D and the black receiver. Battery is fully charged and when I power the drone up I get a solid green light and flashing blue light on the CC3D. I’ve a FLY SKY FS-T6 transmitter and gone through the bind stuff until the red light on the receiver is solid but no joy with getting the wee fella to spin the rotors and make any kind of effort to get kinetic. Any help most gratefully received. Cheers, Tom.

Have you checked your ARM settings on librepilot? Sounds like your quad is not arming

Hi Alex, thanks for the quick reply. That’s probably it. I haven’t done anything in LibrePilot ! Bit of a newbie. I’ll let you know how I get on. Cheers, Tom.

Hi Alex, a great deal of progress once I connected LibrePilot. All looked good and saved to CC3D apart from flight mode not being recognised on one of the switches - no matter - I’ll stick to attitude or ratetraining anyway. All motors span when I tried it but when I disconnected and installed the props they gave a little shake and beep on connecting battery but when I turned on the transmitter, selected left yaw to arm … nothing. I’ll go through the LibrePilot set up again tomorrow but cheers for the steer. Tom.