FS-16, FS-IA6B CC3D Atom

Hi Guys

I am a complete newbie so forgive me if this doesn’t make sense.

I have a QAV 310 frame, Crius multi rota distribution board, 4 x Sunnysky 2300 motors, CC3D Atom flight controller, FS-IA6B receiver and a FS-16X transmitter and im using Librepilot GCS to set this up with.

Using Librepilot i have managed to go through the quad setup wizard, I have used the following options within the setup.

First as requested i did a firmware update, next shows me the following board Openpilot Coptercontrol 3D. Next gives me a choice of Input Signal Configuration, i choose Flysky IBus. next is vehicle type, i choose multirotor, next asks for multirotor configuration, i choose Qaudcopter X, next asks for output signal configuration, i choose rapid ESC. next is configuration summary, Librepilot shows this.

Controller type: OpenPilot CopterControl 3D
Vehicle type: Multirotor
Vehicle sub type: Quadcopter X
Input type: FlySky IBus
Speed Controller (ESC) type: Synched ESC

Next i do a sensor calibration and then go through the ESC calibration procedure, i hear the calibration beeps when i start and stop this test. next is the output calibration, all motors run correctly. next is initial tuning, as my quad is not on this list i choose Generic Quad X and save all settings.

Im then asked by Librepilot to go through the Transmitter setup, I have binded my FS-16X to my FS-IA6B already. on the first screen there is no receiver activity, on the second screen i choose Acro, normal transmitter, on the third screen i choose mode 2, throttle and rudder on left, on the forth screen im asked to move the left hand stick up and down, librepilot does not recognize me doing this, it does not see the stick moving, I have tried to power up the motors via my transmitter, it does not do anything.

I am able to control my Quad through librepilot but have no control of the Quad using the transmitter.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I’m guessing you have an issue between your RX and FC maybe wired up wrong.

Any pictures of how the two are connected?

Hi Doomed thanks for your reply.

I have attached several pictures as you requested, please let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks for your help


I’ve had a look…

When USB’d into your FC you can spin the motors, so FC to ESC to Motors is good :+1:

Your wiring looks fine apart from on the FS-iA6B you don’t need the pins labelled 2-6 as you are trying to using.

And you white cable is in the wrong place on your FC.
It needs to go onto a spare UART Rx.
I’m finding it hard to find a pin out of the main port on the other side of your FC.
Do you have a manual for the FC?


Try this


Wire you Rx to the Main port

Gnd to Gnd on the Rx (where it is now)
Pos to Pos on the Rx (where it is now)
Tx - Not needed
Rx- to were your while cable is on your Rx

If you can check the cables coming out of the Main port with a volt meter first, just to make sure the Gnd and Pos are in the right places that would be good

I’m not sure which UART that is… But start with UART1 and then try the other in turn

Thanks for the advice doomed.

As i said i am a complete newbie, i will try to follow your instructions but i dont know very much about testing cables or drones.

I am not at home right now but will get back to you with an update in a few days.

Thanks again