Prop pitch angle and design

Hi everybody,

I am currently flying a Thrust UAV Riot 250 PRO. This quad ships with Gemfan 5045BN 3 blade props. I m confident flying it now and would like to experiment with different styles of props.

My question is if I change the props to Dalprops cyclone 5046c 3 blade would this have an adverse effect on my motors, would it damage them or would I be better going for the the exact siz and pitch angle that shipped with my quad. Im not wanting to change the size of the prop 5 inch, just want to experiment with the pitch angle going higher and lower than 45, and also the style I.e 2 blades and different manufactures blades. I Just don’t want to ruin my quad.

Your advise and help is always appreciated guys Im new and still learning this awesome hobby.

You can always test some props without damagin the Motor in a second.
If the Motor is hot (not touchable), you should change to lower pitch Props.

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Yeah it’s a good idea to run the motors with the props for abit and see how hot the motors and also ESC get.

But that said, considering the new props you are resting are very similar I don’t see any issues. If you wanted to use some 6 inch props with a steep pitch you may have some issues. But you should not run into any problems with 5 inch 3 blade props.

Thanks for the replys. I will give it ago and check the motors and escs after a couple of packs then.

Would this be the same for 2 place props as well ?

Yeah 2 blade props are easier to spin as they are lighter so put less load on the motors and hence draw less current :-). So it’s the number of blades, size and pitch that factor into the current draw/ load on a motor