Please idea what we’re doing

My son has recently purchased a Wizard x220s drone, Controller FS016x and the receiver is gs-a8s

We are totally new to this and im not techy by any means, so please treat us as incompetent in regards to this… haha

How do we reset it to get it back to factory settings. The led lights at front initially worked, now they don’t.

He is struggling to bind the drone to the controller. We think we may have cracked it

We’ve followed the instructions, used the beta flight software. No idea what to put in

When linked to the pc we can get the motors working etc etc. But we cant in anyway get it to respond to the controller.

Is there any tips, pics of each screen to get us airborne

Are there any newbie thing we’re missing? its driving us insane as you can imagine.

Please help. :slight_smile:

what controller and rx are you using?

Google not showing me anything with the ones you have mentioned above?

Search Painless360 on YouTube he will take you step by step through everything.

If the Quad is new and on Betaflight 3.3 of later, it won’t arm when connected to the computer. If you go to the receiver tab in BF with the quad connected and battery, no props though, moving the sticks will move the coloured bars on the screen.

Is there someone in your area that might be able to help as they can take you through some of the basics.

Note there are many things that will stop your drone working and they are all generally because you have done something not quite right, or the firmware changes and things that did work now won’t.

I don’t recognise the transmitter, can you post a picture, might help. Does it have Flysky written on it?

Difficult to set back to what you had to start with unless you took a note of the settings in the first place. Wouldn’t worry about lights though at this point, concentrate on getting it in the air and get lots of props.

Sorry I can’t really help, there are so many things to look at, all I can say is the learning curve is steep, but worth it.

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This should help as we published a guide about it a while ago walks you through setting everything up. And if you get stuck somewhere just ask and we can try to help.

Also another more general guide for setting up betaflight is here:

YouTube is full of awesome guides by various FPV guys. It was my first port of call for first setups as you can follow along and pause the vid while you sort each step… Also @Garrystr is right, there are so many things to go through, it’s always better to have a one to one with someone in the know.