Factory reset wizard x220


Me being dumb and coppying crap i was on youtube led me to press factory reset on my transmitter now i cant get it to connect with the drone :frowning: someone please tell me how and dont send me links just reply if you know the answer (programing the remote to reconnect wih the drone)


What is your transmitter?
I recently connected my X220S with Futaba 14SG.


Yo my transmitter is the Flysky fs-i6


I recently wrote a guide to get a flysky i6 radio setup for a quad copter that should help:

Also have a video that will help, but its a little old now and the written article has some new info for the latest firmware as a few menus are slightly different:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hello yes it helped until you said to go to aux swiches. I dont have that under factory reset like it was on your remote