Pixhawk Power Module XT60


I have a 3S LiPo with a deans style connector which will be powering my Pixhawk via the ESC and through the power module. My ESC is also a Deans connector style.

Would it be best to buy Deans connectors and just replace the XT60 with Deans on the PM?

Many Thanks


Any thoughts from anyone . . .

There are two options, the first is to just use some XT60-Deans Adapters

Otherwise what most people do is choose a type of connector they prefer (usualy Deans or XT60) and just solder the connectors on any gear that dont have that. But if you are still starting out and have not decided which style connector you prefer then its probably a good idea to get an adapter for now as you don’t need to solder anything.

Thanks, I have actually ordered the deans plugs for now, so I guess I will go down the soldering route. Then if other stuff doesn’t have deans in the future, I will have the plugs ready to solder on.

Thanks for your reply