Power Module For Pixhack Correct connection

While checking the guide to the Pixhack I noticed that the power module I have, may have the XT60 connectors reversed?

In the Image from your guide it shows the female XT60 on the same side as the 6-pos connector on the one I have it is reversed.

Is it important that the flow of power is in the right direction? or does it not matter?

I am soldering one end (not sure which at the moment) to a PDB and can replace the other end but don’t want any nasty surprises/smoke (and it will look tidier the other way round).

Hope that make sense.


Thanks for pointing that out. It is important to make sure the flow is correct with the power module. However on the PCB is there any markings showing the voltage in and voltage out? There is usually an arrow on the PCB silkscreen showing the direction? But all the ones we sell do have the output on the same side as the 6 position connector.

Did you buy your pixhack kit from us? If so then there is probably something wrong and we will replace the power module if you dont want to re-solder the connectors yourself. Just send an email to support explaining the issue. However if it was not purchased from us I know there are several variations of the power module out on the market. Some of the cheaper ones are actually just a voltage regulator and dont have any voltage/current measuring components on-board.

Yes I bought it from yourselves. I did not see any markings for voltage in or out.

So to be sure Ill send support an email.

Thanks for your help.