Where can I buy Pixhawk power cables

So the original power cable that I got with my Pixhawk broke, just by me having done nothing. So I go on the internet to find the correct cable which is always said to be Hirose DF13 cable, but this is incorrect, I even went and bought a set from unmanned tech (which I am now returning and hoping to get a refund for), but they simply do not fit.

i tried to repair the cable and that failed I’ve wasted £10 already just to repair damages I have cause in the process, its just ridiculous that these idiotic connectors even exist, they are just pure and utter s***.

So what should I do, I’m fed up of this rubbish, I’ve been trying to get my plane to fly for 6 months now.


There are a bunch of variations of the connections and since so many people make the power modules some use molex connectors while others used DF13. I also know that you do need to press the cable in rather firmly for it to clip in, and then its a real pain to remove which is why going forward the ardupilot project is now using JST-GH connectors. If you can send a few photos of the cable and your PM I will be able to suggest the best one (and if you did order the wrong ones we will be more than happy to refund you for them once you return them)

Also as for the link that @spasma posted, if you do buy another PM for cheap just double check that it does infarct have a popper BEC and a current/voltage sensor on it as many of the cheap ones are simply just a basic BEC so not a full power module.