Pixhack jst connectors compatible with Pixhawk 2?

Found these while searching for connectors to attach an M8N GPS module to a Pixhawk 2.1 and they look like they should fit. Anyone know?

Thanks, Tim

Yep.They do.I had them on a Pixhack and all I had to do was swap the pins around to suit.


Ace! Thanks Jagger, I’ll order them now.

Hi, The product is out of stock currently. Do you know any other place where I can get these(Preferably in Europe).
Also I have another question related to the GPS connection. I previously had a GPS module connected to the PixHawk(4 pins to the GPS port and 2 pin to the I2C port). I rewired them to the pixhack connector but I get an error “GPS:No Fix” and no satellites are detected.


Sorry it is out of stock… but the we do have an alternative in stock in the form of our DIY cable connectors.

You will need this: JST-SH1.0 to JST-GH1.25 Pre-crimped DIY Silicone Wire Pack (Pack of 20) - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop
along with this: JST-GH 1.25 Connector Pack (Pack of 10) - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop