Pixhawk 2 GPS plug disconnected from board

GPS plug disconnected from the board. Any suggestions on how to reattach?

If the pads are intact you could try soldering to it…

I’ll give that a try. I’m concerned about the third pad down from the top in the picture. Looks like the pad is gone.

There was a bad batch of Pixhawk 2.1 board from Hex that had this issue with one of their suppliers, but have since moved to a new supplier and future batches do not have this issue. Basicaly from the start the GPS1 connector was not soldered correctly so over time I think it just got loose

Did you purchase the board from us? If so please send an email to support along with your order number and a link to this thread so we can arrange to get this send back to Hex for repairs/replacement (if you dont want to try resolder the connector yourself). Also if you did buy from us, did you receive an email about this issue as we send out an email to customers about this (cant remember when but think a good 6 months ago).

Hi Alex, thanks for the reply. I didn’t purchase this from you guys, got it at robotshop.com

I’ll contact them with the info you provided to start the return/replace process.

Once again, thanks for the info!

Not a problem, hope they will help you out! If not let me know so we can try a few other things :slight_smile: