Order #40637, PixHawk2.1 GPS1 Port fell out


I previously purchased a pixhawk 2.1 on 18th Sep 2017.
All was fine until today, when I noticed that the GPS1 port fell out of the pixhawk carrier board.
Here is a picture:

You can see that the port socket itself, has fallen out of the pixhawk carrier board.

How can we rectify this?
Can a replacement be given?


Did you purchase the unit from us? If so please send an email to support with your order number and the photo so we can get this resolved for you.

If you did not buy it from us, you should still be able to get this resolved as there was a batch of PH2 boards that have this problem. What happened was Hex used a new factory for this batch, and some of them have bad GPS 1 port connectors. But since they have moved to another factory.

Hi @sunama

If you can’t get this resolved I’d be happy to refit it properly for you,
I’d just ask you to cover the carriage cost in the UK please

Let me know…

Steve :slight_smile:

hi @stevietee10

Firstly, many thanks for the offer - I certainly appreciate it.
Unmannedtech have already organised an RMA for me.

Out of interest, is soldering your “thing”?
What part of UK are you in? I am in HA1.

You don’t by any chance have 3d printing kit?

Hi @sunama

Glad you got it sorted OK
Yes, I enjoy soldering, been at since I was seven and that’s a lotlta lotta years ago
I’m at CV11, interesting your in Halifax, my first car came from there :grin: :blue_car:
I do have a 3D printer, a Flash Forge Creator Pro, not used it much though, always short of time these days, maybe have a play with it at Christmas

Steve :slight_smile:

Hi @stevietee10

Actually I live in Harrow, which is NW London.

I asked about the 3d printer, because I am planning to build a custom frame, but don’t have a 3d printer or the skills to create 3d designs and I am looking for somebody who has the skills AND is interested in copter design AND is creative.
Would you be interested in doing this?