How to connect the unmanned telemetry kit v2 to pixhack autopilot

By default we currently sell our pixhack kit with the 433mhz telelemetry kit V1. However since the release of the pixhack we have now released an updated version of the unmanned telemetry kit which main feature includes a USB connector along with a 6 pin DF13 connector. So if you already have a pixhack kit and would like to start using the new telemetry kit modules then here is a quick guide on how to swap the connectors.

The V1 telemetry radio is connected to the pixhack via the included cable, but the 4pin connector is not compatible with the 6 pin connector on the v2 telemetry module.

Fortunately the DF13/1.25mm Molex connectors on the two radios are directly compatible so its just a matter of unclipping them from the plastic connectors. This can be done using some tweezers, but if you are not sure how to do this please check out this video no changing molex connectors. Just be careful to not snap any of the plastic clips.

Once the wires are swapped according to the diagram below you will be able to plug everythign together and you are good to go using your new V2 telemetry modules with your Pixhack. Although not technicaly required, you will get better peformance with your radio if you also connect the CTS and RTS pins between the radio and your pixhack. We will soon sell a 6 pin cable to easily use these connectors when we upgrade the pixhack kit.

As shown in the image above, the TX from pixhack goes to the RX port on the telemetry module. Similarly, the TX from the telemetry module goes to the RX on the Pixhack. For more details check out our pixhack quickstart guide for the pin mappings on the pixhack.

As usual if you have any questions please let me know and I will do my best to try to help :slight_smile:

I hoped you sell the kit with the upgraded telemetry :frowning: Is it recommended to upgrade? what is the difference?

Our next batch of pixhack kits all include the v2 telemetry modules. We should have them in stock in about a week or so.

The main difference between v1 and v2 telemetry is that v2 has both USB and df13 connectors which make it much easier to configure. The air module on the v1 kits only had df13 pins so you needed an FTDI adapter to config if it lost its pairing with the ground module. There are a few other hardware improvements with v2 kits.

Any updates on the “upgrade” cable you intended to sell?

Yes, both the air and ground modules of the V2 telemetry kits connect to your PC via micro USB cables.

The air module of the v1 kit requires an FTDI adapter -

If you need any help connecting v1 to FTDI just let me know

I just realised that I did not answer your question. We should be getting a batch of pixhack compatible cables with loose ends in about 1-2 weeks that you can solder or crimp to df13. I can help if you need a cable.

All our new pixhack kits ship with v2 telemetry modules.

Alex, thanks for answering my question twice =)

It was precisely my question on how to get such a cable cause it seems almost impossible getting a compatible JST GH1.25 cable anywhere!

Can you email me or send me a PM on how I can buy off one or two such cables from you? (Located in Germany)