Telemetry kit V2 (100mw), Molex picoblade 6 pin?


I bought a telemetry kit V2 (14.01.2017) and tried to connect it to the pixracer telemetry port (DF13 6pin to JST-GH 6pin).
According to the unmannedtech description it should be a DF13 connector at the telemetry kit, but the pins look more like blades. So after some research i found out that it could be something like molex picoblades? Like in the description of the holybro telemetry kit. (by the way, the “unmannedtech” telemetry came in a holybro box).

The DF13 connectors definitly do not fit.
Which connectors are used in the telemetry kit v2?

Since JST-GH is the new " Dronecode Autopilot Connector Standard"it would be very helpful to offer connector cables for these connectors - Molex PicoBlade 6pin <–> JST-GH 6pin

I’ve been having this problem too for 6 months

We are working on this issue (and apologies for the bad description, we changed our supplier but not the product description) we are going to soon be releasing a bunch of cable sets to accommodate just about any two connectors, so if you want, once we have them I can send you a set for free since you ordered the telemetry kit from us?

I still don’t think this has been rectified, having bought the 500w V2 Telemetry kit (Aug’17), their are not cables that support the JST-GH 6pin in the packaging. Not that I have done myself, yet, there is a hack in which you can re-solder the pixhawk2.1 telemetry cables, as the wiring configuration is back to front.

Pixhawk2.1 wiring layout is here: Dropbox - PixHawk 2 Connector Pinout - Leo Technologies.pdf - Simplify your life