Dronecode cables and connectors

As some of you may know, the Dronecode Foundation established recently a new connector standard for their autopilots: the Dronecode Autopilot Connector Standard.

This new standard makes use of the JST GH connectors:

For now there’re only a few autopilot options available with these connectors:

For those of you that wish to try these connectors, they can be purchased from http://erlerobotics.com/blog/product/dronecode-cables-and-connectors/.

Cool, we have already been selling 6 pin JST GH connector packs at our shop for a while since we started selling the Pixhack system, but also nice to see some JST GH to DF13 connectors.

I myself was very happy to see that decision to use the new connectors as I hate DF13 connectors, they do provide a nice secure connection, but when it comes time to undo them, its a real pain. We also had many cases of customers ripping either the cables out, or the entire connector off the PCB… So the new dronecode standard should work very well.

Do you know how I can get hold of a converter for a UBlox gps with DF13 connectors to fit the JST gh headers on the pxfmini ? I didnt order one from erle when I got the pxfmini, and their prices are really high when they add 25Euro for handling.

We don’t sell one, but shouldn’t be too hard of you but some jst gh connect tors and some df13 ones then just solder the two ends together?

Hey @Jim_Dunstan, this is Víctor from Erle.

You probably got it wrong. In fact we don’t charge anything for handling. The 25 € you refer to was probably a shipping expense. Feel free to double check it and/or PM me if you have further insight.

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These shipping prices are rediculous for 2 small cables