PixHawk High Voltage on Servo Vin


I had a problem with ESC which supply 15V instead of 5V.
I have noticed that pixhawk ICs is damaged.
Have somebody have the same issues?
Is it possible to repair pixhawk?

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Sorry to hear about that, its always a good idea to check the voltage outputs before you connect them if you are not sure. However it should be possible to repair the pixhawk but its hard to tell. most likely a diode inside has blown which can be replaced if you konw what you are doing. As for ESC outputting 15V, that is rather strange as most of them output 5-6V. What ESC are you using?

I have used Cobra 60A ESC with 6A Switching BEC


Everything were good. It supplies 5V.
But suddenly I feel smell from PIxhowk.
I have measured the Cobra’s output voltage 15V instead of 5V.

I have noticed that voltage regulator Vservo_input to 3.3V is damaged.

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