DJI E1200 ESC and Pixhack

Hi Unmanned Tech

I bought Pixhack late last year and am now getting round to commissioning.


My ESC (DJI E1200 have 2 wire controls, so no middle cable into Pixhack (cant remember where 0 or 5V) - on both up the ESCs props have a yellow flash - i.e. No signal from Pixhack

Should I put a common 5V (or 0V) (I will get it right) into each middle input on pixhack

I have not taken outside so may be GPS not been seen to Arm

Any advice appreciated

​The DJI ESC do not have any BEC so thats why they have no 5V wire, but you can still use them on pixhack, just make sure the ground is connected. The issue of the ESC’s not receiving any signal is because of the safety switch on the pixhack which prevents any signal from being sent to the ESC until you press it.

​If you want to check if it will arm indoors you can just disable all the preflight checks via mission planner to confirm your ESC/motors are working properly. Just remove the props and make sure to re-enable them again later before flying.