Pixhawk Servo connections for plane


I have a spare Pixhawk and I want to install it in a Plane, which I might eventually use as a camera platform, but essentially just because I like to play!
My problem is that I can’t quite figure-out how to do the servo connections, and I’d really appreciate some help.

I intend to use an FrSky X4R Rx, and my query centres around the connections on the rear of the pixhawk Marked up as AILE. ELEV. THROT. RUDD. (1 2 3 4).
I understand that the BOTTOM pins (S) will output the signal, but how do I actually power the servos?
Can I use the UPPER two pins (+ -) if so How?

A brief diagram would be VERY much appreciated.


@wittgenfrog, yes that will work. The Aero/Skywalker which 3DR used to sell is/was wired exactly in the manner you are asking about. I have 2 and they are wired in the same manner with 3 wire servo cable, black(ground, top rail), red(positive, middle rail), and signal(white/orange, bottom rail) as you have noted above.

Marked up as AILE. ELEV. THROT. RUDD. (1 2 3 4).


Hi timv

Thanks for your reply.

For testing I’ve tried connecting as follows:
AIL - Servo connected
ELEV - empty
THROT - BEC connection from Castle esc
RUD - empty.

This doesn’t seem to work… Possibly its a problem with the lack of GPS?