Pixhawk DF13 Crimp Size?

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A quick Pixhawk Question, “I hope”

With the DF13 connectors used on the Pixhawk what is the actual size of the crimp used.

I have seen reference to them being 1.25mm but also 1mm what size are they. At such a small size its difficult to tell.

Thanks for any help with this


DF13 connectors have a pitch of 1.25mm but that is rather a measure of how far apart the pins are spaced and have nothing to do with the actual crimp size. However you should be able to but the DF13 connectors with the crimp contacts? Sorry I cant be much more help as we get our connectors made at a factory, I just give them the specs of what I need and they make it. But what cable do you need as maybe I can help you out as we might have one lying around?

DF13 is the identifier of a type of connector manufactured by Hirose. there isn’t a size per se. as Alex stated, the 1 or 1.25mm is related to the spacing. DF13 crimping contacts support 26awg to 32 awg wire.

are you interested in finding out what crimping contacts to use or what crimper to use?

this crimper will crimp DF13 amongst other types of crimp type connectors.

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