Unmanned Analogue Airspeed Sensor Kit on Pixhawk - Please Help

Purchased this: Unmanned Airspeed Sensor Kit - MPXV7002DP and noticed that it does not have a connector for Pixhawk The pins shown in the diagram are Vout, GND, VS and N/C. Pixehawk pinout for i2C shows VCC, SCL, SDA and GND. So GND is the only one that figures. Where do the other cables go?

That airspeed kit is not for pixhawk as it outputs analogue values…

The one you are looking for is the digital airspeed sensor for pixhawk:

Hi, thanks for your reply. I’ve done 6 Pixhawk plane installs and I’m pretty sure the others are analogue? The Wiki here also talks about analogue option for Pixhawk: Using an Airspeed Sensor — Plane documentation

Ok, regardless, I’ve just ordered one of the ones that are specifically for Pixhawk. I’ll have to return the other, if that’s OK?


You can use the analogue one on pixhawk, but you will need to make your own connection. It does not connect to the I2C port on pixhawk as that is digital. You need to connect it to Pin 15 (on the ADC connector) if you want to use the analogue airspeed sensor.

Otherwise you can also always return the airpseed sensor kit back to us to change to the digital one, contact support with your order number so we can arrange the return for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex. Can you throw in a 3 pin DF13 cable/connector with my order for the Pixhawk airspeed sensor that I have just placed? In that way I won’t have to return the analogue one as I have another aircraft that could use it. Is that OK?