Pink lines on the display on Caddx/Walksnail Moonlight

Order Number: UT-694737
Product Name: Wn11-4k14b walksnail Moonlight Hd Fpv Kit
Brand: Walksnail
I get pink horizontal lines on the dispay throught the goggles. Ive tried another VTX and was fine.
I have striped all of the other items off the fc and just left with the Moonlight connected. Still the same.

Hi, I am just waiting on some feedback from the Walksnail engineer about this, but we will make sure to get this resolved for you. Worst case if the item is faulty we will be able to arrange a replacement for you under warranty.


An update on the issue.

I have spoken to Caddx and they told me to test the camera on the other VTX which I have done and at least the camera is working. I am going to test another cable tommorrow which I am sure will fix the issue.
I will keep you updated.


Apparently at the moment, the Walksnail moonlight does not support race mode. So if you try to switch to standard mode, does this resolve the issue with the suspect camera/cable?

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Yes, it does. It all works now thanks.