Omnibus F4 V5.1 Current meter

Hi Alex.
My current meter jumping arround. hooked up my external watt meter it shown 0.33 amp(Min.Throttle).But my osd keep jumping arround.Any ideas to solve it?


The current sensors on FC’s arent the most accurate.

They either out at the bottom end of the scale or out at the top end of the scale.

What is the best solution at least not too far away from actual reading.

give this a watch

Yeah, if calibrating it does not work, then I would just double check it has been wired correctly, and if both of those fail let us know as it could be a faulty current sensor, but in my experience current sensors do not fail very often.

Also out of interest, what does your current sensor readings jump around at to when your quad is an min throttle?

Actually on Min. throttle and when i increase throttle also the same. configured on CLI the current meter scale and OFF Set doesn’t work too.
Here is the video link :

To me that looks normal.

I’ll check my build later and see what it does

Thanks man.I have no idea how to fix this problem.

I recorded some DVR today…

I captured some footage - just sat disarmed, sat armed and flight footage…
When I get home, Ill remove the audio (to save ears) and upload it.


I have uploaded my DVR to youtube.
Its a unlisted video and can only be found by the link below.

Compare it to yours and let us know if its the same or different.

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