No throttle - arducopter, Radiolink r8ef reciever and a Radiolink T8FBbt remote

I have a quadcopter with an arducopter, Radiolink r8ef reciever and a Radiolink T8FBbt remote.
The throttle does nothing even though there is a solid LED on the receiver indicating that it is paired with the remote.

Please help!


@stevietee10 Your the man?

I’m hoping you are using Mission Planner (MP) as your configuration program as I am not that familiar with Q Ground Control (QGC) :slightly_smiling_face:

Open MP, connect the drone and check in the DATA window that the connection has been made, moving the quad should make the display move accordingly.
Goto the SETUP window and in the Mandatory Hardware section select Radio Calibration.
The four bars, forming a square, represent the four joystick actions, move the joysticks on your transmitter. Do the bars move?
If YES then the flight controller is reading your transmitter but you now need to do a calibration, this tells the software what the limit of movements are.
If NO, then you need to check the SBUS output has been set in the R8EF receiver and that output connection is connected to the correct pin on your flight controller.

Let us know how you get on, if still having problems then you need to give us more information:

  • Flight controller type
  • Software version loaded
  • Parameter file dump

HTH Steve :slightly_smiling_face: