New build beeper issue

Hit a bit of a wall on my new build.After smoke stopper test which passed I get 3 short beeps then 1 continuous beep when battery connected.Not bound with crossfire module yet or connected to Betaflight.As this is my first build I’m not sure if this is normal or have I fried something.Full spec is
GepRc Mark 4HD 5
HolyBro Kakute F7 HDV Tekko32 40A Flight Stack
Crossfire nano
DJI hd unit
Hypetrain blaster 2207 motors

assume its your buzzer beeping continuous. if that is the case and you have used the stock beeper setup it will do that until it gets a valid receiver signal.
if you want it to stop just switch off loss of RX tab under beeper at bottom of config page.

If I have understood correctly you asre not getting the second tone? Check this out. It is confirming the esc and fc are connected but its not detecting zero throttle to complete the arming sequence.


Or if it is going beep beep beep beep endlessly its what Dale has said - needs a reciever signal.