Naze32 Rev6 wont connect to computer via usb

Hi Im very new to this I have a Naze32 Rev 6 flight controller i cant get it to work. It shows up in the universal bus devices as CP2104 usb to uart bridge controller. Ive tried the impulserRC but it cant find the flight controller.

Very frustrated

Did you installed the necessary Drivers like Zadig?

As Luca said make sure you have installed the latest CP2104 drivers and then use zadig

The computer is saying my drivers are up to date in zadig but they seem to be talking to each other.

Sorry not talking to each other

Try after you use the Zadig, go to the Device Manager in windows and check if the driver is under Ports(while the USB cable is connected to the FC) and try to right click it and update it through windows.

When i plug my fc into the usb cable it does not show up Port COM it shows up in Universal Serial Bus devices in device manger as CP2104 USB to UART Bridge Controller. If i right click it to update software it comes back with the device is up to date according to windows.

Try reading this guide and see if you can flash new firmware.
It can be corrupted, but it can also be recovered.

You may have to plug in the FC, find it in device manager and right click uninstall the device (and drivers), then plug it back in again.

The STM VCP it keeps failing to install. How does it take for the impulse Driver to find the fc