Naze32 rev 6 no flashing leds when usb connected

New naze32 rev 6 board received today. Previous rev 5 the leds flashed when connected to cleanflight, not the case with this new board. Nor is it recognized by baseflight or clean flight …what’s up…help please.

Sounds like you might have a dud board :frowning:

But first thing to check is to make sure the USB connector is not loose or he soldering gas not dome undone assuming that is OK you should contact the shop you purchased it for and they should replace it for you.

Does the lights even come on or does it stay on blue lights but not flashing???

Just in case this helps someone…

I was trying to flash my Naze32 rev5 with Cleanflight and after a while the board seemed to be bricked! Without jumpering the boot pads, it would power up with a solid blue led (like when you jumper the boot pads!). Cleanflight wouldn’t flash on connect and it wouldn’t respond at all.

So… I powered everything off, then set up Cleanflight to flash on connect again and then with a lot of pressure I pressed my jumper pin across the boot pads and plugged in to the USB… and it flashed!

Those boot pads can be a pain to short - try pressing really hard (or clean them first)!