Stm32 timede out problem


Hi i just got naze32 full version and I’m trying to flash it in cleanflight and can’t there is problem with the stm32 timed out please help i tried everything zading impulserc i download all stm that i found


Try using Betaflight instead.
Also try out other baud rates


Hi Luca
I don’t find naze board in betafligh can i flash it on another board?
Thanks again


Do you have another idea?


Try this:
These people seemed to have the same issue.


Thanks a lot men I will try later i hope it’s works


Its still not working i tried 30 Tim’s and still stm32 timed out error :rage:


Basically naze32 board has not been supported for over a year now on betaflight so I suggest you upgrade to a newer stm32 f4 based board. Something like the omnibus f4 is a nice cheap board.

Otherwise try to use the impulserc driver fixer and an old version of betaflight


Good to know
Thanks a lot anyway