Stm32 timede out problem

Hi i just got naze32 full version and I’m trying to flash it in cleanflight and can’t there is problem with the stm32 timed out please help i tried everything zading impulserc i download all stm that i found

Try using Betaflight instead.
Also try out other baud rates

Hi Luca
I don’t find naze board in betafligh can i flash it on another board?
Thanks again

Do you have another idea?

Try this:
These people seemed to have the same issue.

Thanks a lot men I will try later i hope it’s works

Its still not working i tried 30 Tim’s and still stm32 timed out error :rage:

Basically naze32 board has not been supported for over a year now on betaflight so I suggest you upgrade to a newer stm32 f4 based board. Something like the omnibus f4 is a nice cheap board.

Otherwise try to use the impulserc driver fixer and an old version of betaflight

Good to know
Thanks a lot anyway

hi! im having the same issue with a small quad kit called the hermit 145 from hobbyking. i cant flash the board because every time it comes up with the same error on clean-flight . stm32 timed out.always just after it tries to verify about halfway through the flashing process, help!

It uses a pretty old flight controller so my suggestion would to maybe use cleanflight or something bolder and it should work. I myself am not familiar with that quad, but using an old version of betaflight should work. Otherwise might be best to upgrade to a newer FC :slight_smile:

Hi…my vortex got the STM32 timed out error, and then the OSD showed Flightcon Error. I have read every thread I can find. and have tried everything I can think of.
I can get the ImmersionRC OSD firmware loaded via ImmersionTools.
I can get cleanflight 1.12 NAZE firmware from cleanflight configurator 1.2.1 Loaded. (But cant control the quad, wont arm)
I cant get the immersionRC cleanflight from their site loaded onto my flight controller.

printed circuit assembly

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i am using cleanflight, its a very small ft with built in dsm2 rx.

@MeaganArky have you tried to flash the immersion RC .hex file downloaded from their website via cleanflight directly?

Same issues with Skyline32 advanced. Keeps dropping out at verifying stage on Cleanflight and same on Baseflight although tried again this morning and Baseflight has updated successfully.

Try programm - Demonstrator GUI. Here ( ) guy save my old Naze from “stm32 timed out programming failed” . This video is how to fix BRICKED BOARDS but it’s help me to fix stm32 timed out problem :wink:

Hi, i had same issue. I was able to resolve it by following Youtube video shared by @Kid
Though i’m not able to flash latest firmware version. v2.2.0 is working for me.

Yep! For me the latest firmware dosent work too, but it dosent matter ))