Does NAZ Rev6A-C fix the Power Problem with USB Plug and ESC's?

So Does NAZ Rev6A-C fix the Power Problem with USB Plug and ESC’s?

I am building my first Drone from the ground up. Initially I was using a KISS-FC but the BlHeli issues drove me away and I decided to switch up to a NAZ32 Rev6B. I have read in a number of places that the initial releases last year had a tendency to create the “Magic Smoke” when you hooked up the USB for setup and calibration. This happens if you follow directions and have the ESC’s connected. WHich it seems you have to do if your calibrating or updating the ESC Firmware. I have some confusion if this was happening with or with out the Lipo connected. Apparently the lack of a BEC and diode was feeding back too much power resulting in burnt out boards and controllers.

This issue to my understanding was resolved with Rev6A forward by adding the diode you now find in close proximity to the USB. SO this means you can follow the initial setup instructions and connect the USB interface followed by the Lipo, right?

I am at that point in the build and honestly I don’t want to deal with any more pain after spending untold hours for a week struggling like I did with that Flyduino KISS FC. Any and all direction is GREATLY appreciated. I really like this forum above all others I have found on Drones.


The naze32 Rev6A still has that problem, but rev 6b and 6c had added an extra diode next to the USB connector to avoid this issue.

However I remember about a week ago we had a customer who had a 6B board have a similar issue but I think it was caused by something else, but I honestly cant remember (I deal with too many issues each day :stuck_out_tongue: ) However its always best practice to plug in your battery if you plan to test/calibrate your ESC’s then this problem would not occur in the first place, even with 6A boards.

So essentially make sure you plug the battery in first then the USB right?

Yeah, if you are gonna be using the motors thats the safest way to do it :slight_smile: Also remember to remove the props too :helicopter:

OH YEAH :smiley: Drone pilots need to make up t-shirts. That’s becoming the Drone Pilots mantra

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