SPracing F3 Evo cant connect to PC

A couple weeks back I ordered the SPRacing board from you and today I had some time to try it out.
I’m having trouble getting the USB to connect to the board. When I plug it in Windows tells me the device is not recognized / device malfunction. Also the red LED keeps blinking on the board. Previously have been using a naze board, not sure if the same drivers apply, so also tried installing the drivers SPracing recommends in the manual. In the device manager I see it connected under “other devices” as “STM32 virual com port” (with an exclamation point on it)

Any ideas what to do?

Sounds like its a driver issue for sure, have you tried to use the zadig drivers tool to make sure you are using the correct driver for your board? Check out article here -

I resolved the problem over the weekend. Just had to find the right drivers.