Naze 32 Revision 6 Flight Controller Guide

hello guys i have a problem with Tarans X4R smartport and GPS on NAZE32 rev6…
i connected the X4r like this

and works fine with the SoftSerial1 to smartport…

But when i connect the GPS to SoftSerial 2 ports 7,8 GPS is enabled and working good but i instantly lost the Telemetry on my Taranis…

has anyone any idea, what is going on?
.the gps is working on 9600 baudrate

Any proceedure above that will differ using a Spektrum SPM4648 race reciever?

Great post, congratulations!
One question, GPS is working with acro and 6dof naze32 versions?


If you are only using GPS for position/speed to display on an osd then it is possible. But you can’t use GPS on a 6DOF/Acro board for position hold or return to home etc as that requires an extra compass sensor which you find on the 10DOF/Full boards

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Then with ublock m8n, that includes gps + compass, I could have rth and hold position on naze32 acro. Undertood, I apreciate.

Is it Possible to add External MAG and Baro BMP280 at the same I2C Port ?

wow what a find was looking for a wire diagram and found this THANKS have parts for 2 builds a 400 quad and a 350 hex i have a naza32full and a cc3d what fc should i use in the hex??

I hope to make myself understood,
can i conect the gps in the pin UART 1?

I am new to setting up Quads but I think both the Soft Serial ports need to run at the same BAUD RATE.

Hi there
I am new to site and new to quad rc. My brother in law has given me a spare 250 size x shape frame I now want to carry out my first build. With the amount of different flight controllers available and the variations of each of them im having a headache trying to decide whih one to choose. I want my quad to be easy to set up, fairly cheap to build, I really want GPS functionality like gps hold and maybe rth but not essential not too fussed about autonomous flight at this point either so if someone can guide me in the right direction id be most grateful. Id like to find out which is the most suitable FC and what other components I will need for the GPS functions.
I have an idea in the other components such as motors, escs.
BTW the frame in question is the HK fpv ghost I think its by diatone
Many thanks

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Hi Sam/Alex

Trying to get my naze32 to work with the zmr 250 quad I bought from you guys but it seems that all my channels are mixed up? Throttle is fine but the gear switch is yaw and the rudder is roll!!
Satellite rx is bound to my dx6i all good there…is it the tx? Do I need to look at the settings there etc?

Using baseflight as I can’t get clean flight or beta flight to flash to the board…keeps disconnecting and then telling me the bootloader won’t work? I wish I could get librepilot or openpilot on it as I had just mastered that and find baseflight a bit tricky. …

I went with the naze as I thought the connections for the satellite rx were easier to solder than the cc3d!! Which they were…

Any ideas on the tx and baseflight configurator ?

Many thanks

Hello, I’m having some issues connecting a Bluetooth module (hc-05).

I’ve connected the BT module to the power and the RX and TX pins.

From a phone I’m able to pair with the HC-05 module, but when I try to connect using the Naze32 Android APP, it says it’s connected but nothing happens. The same with some Android Apps I’ve tested.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

Hi all
I am a drone enthousiast and I am almost finished to build my first naze32 quad. The third drawing on this page was essentially the one that got me going but - like SteveMinard correctly points out (3. The third picture “Typical Naze32 Connection diagram” has no 5V power. The Battery Voltage Moniter does not power the board.), I found that I could not power the board with a battery. To fix this, I changed the following: I put two extra wires from GND/5v on my PDB to two free GND/5v PINs on the ESC rail (where I only use 4 for my ESCs). I tested and this powers the board, my LEDs and my GPS (I haven’t connected my ESCs yet) . To measure voltage of the battery, I added one wire on one of the + ESC pads on my PDB and connected that to the + of the vBat sensor. I found a youtube movie explaining that that should be enough to measure the voltage. Before I connect my 3S and blow anything - would someone please comment and tell me that what I did is correct?



I couldn’t wait, and wired it up - and it seems to work: I connected 5+/GND from the 5v section on the Matek PDB to the ESC rail, and now I am getting power. I soldered one extra 5+ wire onto a + ESC pad on the PDB and connected that to the +Vbat: and the voltage is reported correctly now



maybe someone knows what kind of transistors is this

Dear Alex, can you email me, having problems with old version cli, on cleanflight.

@Esteve_A did you figure this out? I am having the same problem

Does any one know how i can use this board with a 6 channel reciever

Thanks for Flight Controller Guide :nerd_face:

Its realy help me