My quadcopter is taking slow yaw after take off

Hi I’m having a problem. MY frame is bumblebee frame and I’m using APM2.5. .While taking off and after taking off my quadcopter is taking with small angle. It continues to take yaw while it flies. I saw videos of APM quadcopter and I never seen such behavior. Any idea why this is happening? Please help.
Here is a video link of My quad flying in google drive . I am sharing the link. Please watch it and tell me what could be the remedy. please help.

Thanks for sharing the video.

I would suggest checking out a few things

  • Have you calibrated your radio properly, and make sure there is no trim on your Yaw sticks.
  • Make sure the motors are mounted perfectly vertical, as sometimes they could be at a slight angle which could cause the rotation
  • Make sure you have calibrated your compass properly, you can find out some more information on how to calibrate your compass here

Thank you very much. I have one more ques. How should I enter these declination info. into the mission planner? I mean this info.

into this area of mission planner… how I should the represent the negative value in the red marked are of the mission planner?

Simply enter a - sign in front of the number. But its better to do the calibration by rotating the quad as shown in the video

Thank you … but the Ques. is DO i HAVE to put that (-) sign in the minute box?

No you dont need to do that

Then where I’m gonaa put the negative sign as you have mentioned earlier?

You put the :heavy_minus_sign: sign in the degrees box. :memo:

Are you not doing the automatic compass calibration?