My drone ar not lifting

hey, i got kk2.1.5 flight controller and use a 1400kv brushless motor and use 8`` propeller, now i got in problem with my quadcopter not lifting. when I give full throttle it not moving anywhere
please give me a guide on how to solve this problem

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If the propellers are spinning and drone is not lifting it almost guaranteed that the props are spinning the wrong direction. Usually 2 reasons for this:

  1. Props installed backwards (maybe even upside-down?)
  2. Motors reversed, due to wiring, esc config, or betaflight setup switch.

First things is to determine which way the motors are spinning.

Note: Most drones spin “props in” meaning they rotate towards the ends of the drone; but some are setup to rotate “props out” meaning the props rotate towards the center of the drone/away from the ends.

Once you determine which way the motors are spinning you can re-install the props to match this direction.

Let me know if this helps. Also posting a video would help troubleshoot as well.