Much latency Turnigy TGY-i6 RADIO and Tx Flysky FS-A8S betaflight


I am new in a racing drones, so I think i have so much latency with my radio sticks. Is this normal or I have to repair something? I repaired RC rate (and other parameters) in betaflight configurator, but it is the same…For example, when I push the throttle,i get the response with the quad in one second…

Sounds like maybe your flight controller may be overloaded, but what you are experiencing is not normal.

Could you provide more details on the equipment you are using as maybe we can help?

I use Turnigy TGY-i6 radio, Tx Flysky transmitter, omnibus F4 V3 pro (flight controller). I was flying today and still have not resolve the problem. I have to move the throttle very slowly and just a little in other case(if I go from 0 to 50% a little bit faster) with the latency goes the drone into the air and it is hard to follow…

If possible can you post a little video.

Doesn’t have to be pretty.

I do not have a video, is it something to setup with the Rc radio sticks?In betaflight configurator I tried but the same…

If you want us to help you will need to provide us with some more information as it is hard to know the fualt without all the details. Can you share screenshots of your betaflight configuration settings. Also have you connected your Rx via ppm or ibus? Ibus will be best as it usually has lower latency.

Lastly the best thing would be to look at a black box flight log. Because if it is a radio issue you will see the signal has a big delay as shown in this image

Where the throttle stick updates show a step in values rather than a smooth transition. This is from a customer issue we had and of turned out to be a faulty radio causijg this.

Other issues could be that your gyro update speed or loop time are too low sending us a CLI dump will help us see your settings

Maybe I made this question to soon. I am using IBUS and what you told me is advanced and this about black box do not know. This is my first racing drone, before that I have used KK2.1.5.board and cheap chinese frame, is very easy to control. I have to fly and train more to get the right filling…maybe is just that. I will see…Thank you for your help.


OK, we’ll close this thread, but please come back and open a new one if you still have problems

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