Motor spins when Quad is not armed

Hey Guys,
My Problem is that when i plug my Battery into my Quad one Motor starts to spin… (without beeing armed)
After i arm the Quad all Motors spins and work properly…
All Esc’s are calibrated and are brand new.
I dont want this Motor to spin when my Quad isnt armed…
Solder connections are double checked.

My setup:
Kiss Fc V1
FVT Little Bees 30A
Emax 2205S 2300kv

Thanks for your help!

Luca :slight_smile:

My default answer is to try flash blheli onto your ESC again, and check the settings as it almost seems like is in aircraft mode or something?

If flashing new firmware and syncing blheli settings does not work, then you might want to swap the ESC to another motor output to check that the issue is on the ESC and not the FC.

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Thanks for your reply…
I will swap the signal Cables of my Quad to another Port…
Do you know if it is important that every Signal Cables are connected to the FC?
That would save some time :smiley:
Hopefully it will work :neutral_face:

Luca :slight_smile:

You only need to connect the ESC signal wire to your FC (and ground), and yes you can just connect one if you want to test one ESC/motor.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I just soldered the Esc to another “Esc port”…
Looks like its an Esc related Problem because the same Motor has the same Problem…
Do you know if theres a way to calibrate non Kiss Esc’s with the Kiss fc?

Luca :slight_smile:

I have not realy used Kiss FC stuff before so not much help… but can you connect via BLheli passthrough, as then you can just edit the max/min PWM rates directly in the software.

So you mean how we do it with every FC?
Plugging the FC in and opening BlHeli Suite?
That is my Problem… Kiss FC doesnt allow Flashthrough :frowning:
I tried to do the Standard calibration procidure:
Setting min Throttle to 2000 etc… (You know the deal…)
Everything didnt work :weary:

I just found an article where a Guy flashed BF on his Kiss FC :grin:
Maybe ill try the same :smiley:
For people that want to do the same: (Its in German… Maybe ill do an Build log one day)

Most betaflight FC do support pass-through, but otherwise then you need to use a USB linker and do each ESC one by one… Or the manual way using your RC controller.

However if you set it to use Dshot, then you dont technically dont need to do any calibration since this is digital (although the betaflght documentation says that it is best to still do a manual calibration before using Dshot just incase)

Sorry that I cant help much more as I am not very familiar with KISS stuff as I have never purchased one and we dont sell them either. That is not because they are bad… they are actually very nice but they do kind of force you to use KISS FC with KISS ESC and I am more of a fan of open source stuff. Although we will probably start selling KISS stuff one day as its on the long list of things to expand our catalog. Then one of us here will be a KISS expert. Anyways enough of my rambling on… Let me know if you figure it out or need any more help!

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Do you know which Dshot i can use? :slight_smile: (Little Bees 30amp)
To be honest im not really an expert of Dshot

Luca :slight_smile:

Do you know if your ESC are blheli_s? If so you should be ok using anything upto dshot600

Yep they are BHeli…
Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Do i only need to change the Esc mode to Dshot in the Kiss Configuator?
It Sounds too easy to be true…

I just change the Esc Mode to DShot600…
Nothing is working right now :joy:
I tryed to do this Calibration precidure:
Settin min Throttle to 2000
plugging battery in

Didnt work either…
Do you have any Ideas?
If not i think i will go back to Oneshot and/or buy Kiss Esc’s and Cry… :slight_smile:

When you changed your ESC to Dhsot, did yo also change the setting on your KISS FC to dhsot 600 too? Or are you still struggling to connect your ESC to Blheli suite?

Yes im struggling with connecting to BlHeli Suite :slight_smile:

I know why it isnt working:
I bought these:

Instead of these:

Looks like i need to search for annother Solution :expressionless:
May there be a Problem with min Command and Min Throttle?

To be honest I have not used a KISS FC for a long time so cant help much here unfortunately :frowning: , but you might want to ask the shop you purchased from as they should be able to help you figure this out.

Im not sure if Hobyking is able to help me with this kinda Problem :smiley:
Im now trying to somehow setup Dshot and Idle up switch…

Ahh right… hobbyking… :stuck_out_tongue:

My only suggestion would be to get a USB linker then you can connect to heach ESC to make sure their settings are all correct.

Otherwise you can always flash betaflight onto the KISS FC… although passthrough will still not work due to buffered outputs :frowning:

Yeah… Thought about that too…
Im probably trying that and/or i will put another FC on it or put Kiss Esc’s on it…
Do you have a Betaflight FC that you can recommend? :slight_smile: