Model flying club 250 size quadcopter build log


Hello and welcome to my build log for a 250 sized quadcopter.
I run a model flying club, this project will be a live-log on club nights to show our members what’s involved.

Kit list:
Frame, Totem Q250
Controller, CC3D
Power, 4x 2204 2300kv motors
Props, 6x3 C/F
ESC, Simonk 12A

TX, Flysky FS-i6
RX, Flysky FS-iA6

The frame has integrated power distribution so no individual board required.
Parts are ordered, can hardly wait.

As this is a club-build, I’m hoping to cover every aspect with club members, from using a thread-lock compound right through to programming the CC3D board and of course flying the finished model.
This won’t be the quickest build ever, but hopefully very thorough.
I have chosen the FS-i6 transmitter for ease of configuration with ch6 mapped to a control pot. This will be useful at the programming stage when I intend to use the 'TXPid feature of the controller board for tuning the stabilisation.
Okay, that’s as far as I can get for now, pictures and build stages to follow…