MiniOSD Blanking as motors spin up

I have brought a MiniOSD (a copy as no one at the time had the official one). While it powers-up and functions okay while the quad is sitting on the floor, as soon as I throttle up to take off I loose the overlay and then the video.

I have to power down the whole quad and then reapply to get the overlay back, just hitting the reset on the minimosd shows the boot sequence but then no overlay.

Not sure if it is a power brown out (the OSD is powered by the APM’s Telemetry port) or something interference of some sort.

That is rather strange, could you show a photo of how everything has been connected?

When the OSD simply disappears are the LED’s still flashing on the MinimOSD board?

This is after I broke out the 5V line to draw off of the ESC BEC 5V supply. At first it was connected through the ‘Term’ output but I thought it may be browning out (it wasn’t!).