Matek FCHUB-6S (184A Current Sensor and BEC)

Just wanting some advice hooking up my Matek FCHUB-6S (184A Current Sensor and BEC) to my ESCs and my F4 V5.1.

Do I connect the white wires from my individual ESCs to the PDB? Then, do I connect the 4 outputs from the PDB to my FC in place of where I would normally have the white wires?
If that’s the case, what do I do with the ESC 0V? Just hook it up to a common ground… anywhere?

You can do as per pic. I would just put esc signal wire direct to your FC, a lot less to go wrong, the small ground wire from esc just desolder you don’t need it. if you keep it any ground will do.

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Thanks Dale.
I was curious more than anything as to what benefit this would have wiring up your ESC via the PDB. It all seems a bit over the top.
I thought it may have something to do with the current sensor… or something.
I actually already have this hooked up straight to the FC and it flies just fine.
Thanks for your input though.

it will work either way you choose to power the ESCs

The way I do it is
Lipo to PDB

Why ?
The current sensor is normally part of the PDB
But it also keeps the main voltage on the PDB.
and leaves the FC with less voltage to handle and filter out.

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